West Coast Road Trip #4: Seattle

City four on our West Coast Road Trip saw us arrive in Seattle, something my partner was very excited about as he had wanted to visit this city for years!

Before Seattle we were in San Diego, LA and San Fran.

Our first day was action packed! We started by leaving our hotel and walking towards the Space Needle — we just headed in the direction of it as you can’t miss it towering above the city! We had booked tickets and a time to go up. The tower itself was high, very high and it gave the most AMAZING views over the city 🙂 
Tip: book tickets before you go as there was huge queues for the people that hadn’t whilst we got to skip all of this – WORTH IT!

Then we went down to the harbor and jumped on a boat to have a tour of Seattle from the water. This is something that my partner and I love doing and would highly recommend it! As well as being informative it gives you the most beautiful views of Mount Rainier that looms over the city from the distance.We had a relatively clear day and were able to enjoy the most stunning views. Some of these you can see int he photographs below.

Then we went to Pikes Place Market and it was completely nuts! We enjoyed looking at all of the delicious food that was on offer 🙂 After this, we jumped onto the monorail and went to the EMP museum and spent a few hours wandering around looking at so much musical history and enjoying listening to amazing songs. It was a real haven for music lovers, and it was especially incredible for a huge Hendrix and Nirvana fan like myself.

The next day we had a slightly more relaxing day (I mean the day before was intense and just writing it has worn me out! Haha!) due to soaring temperatures but still managed to have some great food, as always. We relaxed in the park and ended up watching a rally o a random part of town. After this, we grabbed some food from the street vendors – I had a cob of corn and it was 10/10. Then we hopped onto the monorail. This is something you should do in Seattle but I’ll be honest it isn’t the mode of transport for me! I didn’t like the fact you were in the air on a tiny little beam, that it felt like it was swaying or the amount of people using it. I did however like the views it gave of Seattle and the fact that there are episodes of Fraiser on the monorail. Fraiser is a TV show in the UK (it might be further afield) that is set in Seattle and it based around 2 adult brothers, their father and all of the events that happen within their daily lives.

At around 5pm we went for an early seafood dinner, you have to eat seafood in Seattle and then started to make our way towards Century Link Field (home to the current Superbowl champions) to watch a MLS game (conference standard but on steroids entertainment wise). There were cheerleaders, musicians, hype men, fireworks, audience cam – the lot! It made the game great fun and a really ‘show’ rather than a game. As darkness fell, we headed back to the hotel

The next day we got an Uber to the Greyhound bus terminal and go on a bus to our final destination – Vancouver, Canada.


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