West Coast Road Trip #1: San Diego

In 2014, my partner and I decided to do a road trip from San Diego to Vancouver. It was honestly one of the BEST experiences of my life and would urge anybody to do it whilst they can.

Our first stop was in San Diego.

Day One: whales, dolphins and The Padres
The first day really set the tone for our entire trip! We went to the gaslamp quarter and for a little cafe to have breakfast! It was our first proper meal for a while so we decided upon 4 buttermilk pancakes which defeated us both (we seemed to over order rather frequently!) We had a wander and found ourselves at Pecto Park and decided to buy tickets for a Padres game later on that evening. After this we jumped onto the trolley and began what we though would be a shirt walk to Quivera Drive for a whale watching tour (more about that later) it’s safe to say it took us well over an hour and we ended up walking through districts which made us feel uneasy, note to self, check the route in future!


Whale Watching
Being obsessed with marine biology and animal conservation this was something I needed to tick off my bucket list! We got into The Pioneer and went up to the top deck! Jamie was unsure of this so popped some seasickness tablets, which worked a treat! Before we had even left the harbour we saw seals playing with their pups. We were very lucky as apparently it is a very rare occurrence to see blue whales and we got to see 3 coming up to the surface and then crashing back into the ocean. We then saw numerous pods of dolphins and they were bow jumping! This was one of the VERY best experiences of my life, and it was only day one!

Padres game
We made our way to our front row seats and we realised we were completely unable to read the scoreboard! Fortunately, a little lad we were sitting next to explained it to us. It was a triumph for the Padres who beat the Cardinals 3 – 1.


Day 2: SeaWorld, Point Loma and a Hodad’s

After discovering uber (something which is slowly becoming common in English cities) we sethink off to SeaWorld – intrigued and unsure what it would offer.


My main thought throughout the day was What the hell are they doing keeping these huge creatures in these tiny enclosures?! I wouldn’t go again and felt like I had cheated on myself after the previous days encounter with some beautiful creatures in their natural environment!

Point Loma


We jumped on a bus (Lord praise the fact we could search bus timetables and routes on our phones!) It was a long(ish), cheap journey but it gave us time to reflect on or trip so far.image The views across the bay were lovely and the walk around point Loma was beautiful! It was pretty cool to think this was where European’s first landed in California.


This place is a GEM, a hidden secret! We only came across this place as as result of as very friendly lady at the Padres game recommending it. She said they travelled for hours just to eat here. I must be honest when we arrived outside I cursed myself for trusting the opinion of a stranger but how misleading can appearences be?!

The decor is insane! The chairs and tables are old skate ramps and they he wall are filled with old licence plates and other memorabilia – a real feast for they the eyes!

The food, my God how much can one person really eat? It was delicious and we made a good attempt to finish the burgers and milkshakes (they were pretty tasty!)


We went to the downtown restaurant and it really shouldn’t be missed.
Next stop LA. The next post will be out soon! You can find it here

Hannah x

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