My Favorite Book Quotes

Now I love a book quote so I thought I’d pull together just a few of my very favourite! I am aware that there are many Harry Potter/Roald Dahl quotes here but I absolutely love these books and think there are so many gems hidden between the pages 🙂

What are you favourite book quotes? I’d love to hear some more!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Quotes

      1. I would recommend it but I also know it’s not a book for everyone, it’s a tale of a post apocalyptic land where a father and his son are trying to survive, it’s to me as bleak as it is beautiful, surviving when you literally only have each other, I would say try either the audio book or the film as that way you don’t get the make or break nature of McCarthy’s writing style but you still get the power of what he has written.

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        1. Amazing! Sounds like it would make a wonderful film but unfortunately I hate watching films before I’ve read the book so I might have a read beforehand and see how I go! Thanks 🙂

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