West Coast Road Trip #5: Vancover

Our final city on our West Coast Road Trip (these cities were on our way: San Diego, LA, San Fran and Seattle.)
It was a long Greyhound bus ride from Seattle to Vancouver but it was perfectly comfortable. When we arrived at the US/Canadian border we had to get off of the bus, along with the other travelers, and were asked lots of questions and had to show identification and hotel information.

Day One

When we arrived in Vancouver we checked into our little hotel, freshened had a look at some maps and plotted our 2 days before we were able to get out and about. V1

It was just before lunchtime so we jumped on a boat to Granville Island and had a wander around the market. We had some fresh seafood sandwiches and looked around the stores. We enjoyed looking around the toy store a lot 🙂

After this, we walked around the Olympic park, watching some music. In all honesty, we thought there would be more going on here but it was pretty to have a walk around the water.  Then we went into Science World – that was great fun! From here, we walked towards an Oyster bar we had research before our trip but found that it was a little early to eat (for us) so found a cute little bar and had some drinks.

You could tell that we were getting towards the end of the trip as we fancied a more chilled day, even though we still walked close to 10 miles! V3

But the walk is worth it when you get stunning city views like these 🙂


Now I know that oysters are not to everyone’s taste but my partner and I absolutely love them! We were really impressed with Rodney’s Oyster House. The atmosphere, funny puns on the t-shirts, oyster bar and price were all great!

After this we had a few more drinks and then had to stumble back towards our hotel.

Day Two

I had always wanted to ride around the park in a horse drawn carriage, and even though it was rainy (hence out attire) it wasn’t going to dampen our day 🙂

Firstly, we had breakfast and then we walked towards Stanley Park. It was hammering it down so I opted to buy a pair on new trainers in Nike. They were VERY bright and comfy, not like the trainers you could get your hands on easily in the UK at the time.


Once we had walked to Stanley Park we found the horse drawn carriages and then we were off. Went through some of the most amazing trees, flowers, down my the lakes/rivers/seas. V6

We went to the totem poles first and I loved these. So unique, intricate and a real wonder. We were lucky, well I guess it was mainly down to the weather, but whilst we were here the park was pretty isolated so we were able to enjoy these poles without all of the tourists.


Some of the views over North Vancouver, Vancouver harbor and English bay.


This was the carriage that we rode in, these horses were beautiful and friendly 🙂 V9

This called for the end of our amazing West Coast Trip 🙂

It was one of the most unbelievable trips and it is something I shouldn’t imagine we will do again I mean there are so many places to explore!

What has been your favourite trip? Is there anywhere in the world that you’d have to visit again? I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions 🙂

– Happy traveling x

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