Book Review: Watching Edie

Author: Camilla Way

Publisher: Harper Collins 2016

Rating: 4/5

Beautiful, creative, a little wild… Edie was the kind of girl who immediately caused a stir when she walked into your life. She certainly did when her and Heather first laid eyes on each other! And she had dreams back then—but it didn’t take long for her to learn that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. The past can have devastating effects.

Now, at thirty-three, Edie is working as a waitress, pregnant and alone. No friends. No family. No support. She soon becomes very overwhelmed by the needs of her new baby and the enormity of her new responsibilities. When Edie spirals into a bleak despair, she thinks that there’s no one to turn to…

But someone’s been watching Edie, waiting for the chance to prove once again what a perfect friend she can be. Someone from her past. It’s no coincidence that Heather shows up on Edie’s doorstep, just when Edie needs her the most. So much has passed between them—so much fury, longing, and betrayal. Edie’s about to learn lesson: those who have hurt us deeply—or who we have hurt—never let us go…..

I enjoyed the style of this book and the way in which it was written. Gripping throughout!

“The way they do remain a part of us, those people who have hurt us very deeply, or who we have hurt, never letting us go, not entirely.”



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