Thetford Forest

I realised that I haven’t posted in a little while – part of that reason was that we had a little stay in Thetford Forest and neither of us got any signal which is the perfect reason to have a digital detox! We stayed in a little pod – like a really small log cabin … More Thetford Forest

Iceland 2010

We were very lucky to visit Iceland with school, an experience that I will never forget and a county like no other on earth! It really is like landing on Mars! You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photographs and the fact they have a date and time stamp – I took them a … More Iceland 2010

Berlin 2017

So this was a little last minute adventure for us – we booked it and jumped on a plane the very next day. If I’m bring honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what was going to be in store as I honestly didn’t know much about Berlin besides the war and the wall. … More Berlin 2017

Sri Lanka 2013

So I’m just getting my blog off the ground so this is about an adventure I had a few years ago! Sri Lanka is a place I grew up hearing stories about as it was one of my Grandparents favourite holiday destinations when they were younger. I remember hearing stories about rocks that rose from … More Sri Lanka 2013

My Bucket List

Lots of things have happened recently so I have decided to update my bucket list that I wrote many moons ago. I’m sure it will keep changing as I’m very indecisive! I’m super excited to write this 🙂 Adventure • Abseil down something tall ✔ (2016) • Dog sled✔ • Go caving • Flip on … More My Bucket List