After having wondered about joining goodreads for some time,  I have finally done it!

I have set myself, what may seem like, a relatively modest 2018 reading challenge of 36 books which equates to 3 per month. I know it doesn’t sound like many but this will be a challenge for me!

As always, I have some questions about how to get the very best out of this. And my one and only question is…

How do I find of you lovely bloggers on there and add you as my friends?!

– Happy reading x

13 thoughts on “Goodreads

    1. I’ve just hooked mine up to I think. I’ve added a widget to my blog? Does this mean I can follow people on goodreads now too? Sorry I’m useless haha!! x


      1. No you aren’t useless!!! We all have things we need to learn 🙂 and I’m far from proficient in it!! Having the widget means people can see what your reading and I think you should be able to click on peoples….my guess is it should bring you their profile but I’m not positive…gonna check it out now lol

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          1. If I click on the goodreads link on your page it brings me to goodreads but if I click on one of your books it brings me to see your progress on it, from their I clicked on your pic and friended ya 🙂 so it’s a bit of a process but doable to find people through their goodreads widget!!
            Helpful?? Or not quite what you were trying to figure out lol


  1. You can search groups, there are lots of groups on Goodreads for book reviewers. Feel free to add me i’m on there as Lu’s Reviews. =D

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