Top Ten Tuesday #4: Bookish Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created at The Broke and the Bookish but this month, Jan 2018, it has moved over to That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week they post a new Top Ten list that one of the bloggers there will answer. Everyone is welcome to join in. I had a little dig around on their blog and even though it is called ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ you don’t have to actually have 10 books, its just a recommendation 🙂

I’ve had a really good think as to what I would like my bookish goals for 2018.To read at least 3 books a month Last year I wanted to reach a goal of 24 books, not a lot I know but for me it was still a little bit unattainable, and I managed to read 20. Most of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to see if I can read a few more this year, with me prioritizing my mental health, I can make many excuses to stay at home all day reading 🙂

  1.  To read a range of different genres I’ll be honest, I’ve never really thought about the genres of books I read, I tend to just pick what I like the sound of or have recommended to me. This year I’m going to try and read a slightly more varied haul.
  2.  To reorganise my bookcases into alphabetical order I love to be organised! I like everything to have a place and a logical order. A couple of years ago I did this but with new books, having lent books out or having given them away it needs to be redone.
  3. To review all of the books I read. Regardless of my opinions of the books I vow to review them 🙂
  4. To keep a book in my bag at all times Whenever I am waiting for something/someone I’ll be able to read a little more. As someone that likes to be early to things as being close to time (or even late!) stresses me out. Now I’ll be able to make use of this.

What are you bookish resolutions or goals for 2018?

Thanks x


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #4: Bookish Resolutions

  1. Keeping a book with you at all times is a wonderful goal. I can’t count the times that I’ve started reading a book I tucked into my bag when I had to wait for something. Or, conversely, when I’ve kicked myself for not having one. I also think that reading widely in the genres is a worthy goal. Mostly, just have fun with your reading!

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  2. Carrying a book around wherever you go is a GREAT way to sneak in some extra pages throughout the day! I also wholeheartedly support your goal to alphabetize your shelves. I love a well-organized bookshelf.

    My TTT

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    1. It was so well organised but then my birthday and Christmas happened and now who knows where any of them are! I am going to ensure that I pop one of the books I’m reading in my bag as I’d love to sneak in a few more pages 🙂 I’m going to fly over to your TTT post now! Happy reading!

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