Bullet Journals – I need HELP!

Kind people of wordpress, I need HELP and I know you lovely people will do all you can to help me out 🙂

I am definitely late to the party but I have seen lots about bullet journals/passion planners over the last few weeks. I think these look like an amazing way to organise your thoughts/goals/time as well as positively impacting your mental health, something that I have vowed to give a little more time and attention this year.

So on that note….

  1. Do you have any journals/books that you have found to be amazing! I ordered one (that wasn’t cheap mind you!) and I was disappointed with the thickness/quality of the paper!
  2. What pens do you recommend for the different elements of the journals?
  3. Should I have a contents page?
  4. Any other hints/tips/advice you have for me?

Please leave me all of your fabulous advice/tips in the comments below 🙂

Thanks x

18 thoughts on “Bullet Journals – I need HELP!

      1. Their notebooks make good journals and paper quality you find some are better than others. Are you in the uk? If so Paperchase is good store too.

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      1. I ordered a cheaper one off Barnes and Noble. Hopefully it will do okay. Fingers crossed! I tried them on regular notebook paper. I like them so far. ☺️

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            1. Hey, thanks for keeping me updated! Oh no, I hate it when the colour bleeds through!! This is my problem, I want to use pens etc but don’t want it to bleed.

              Does anyone have any brands/advice for Crystal and I?

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              1. I’ve been using regular ball point pens and they aren’t bleeding through. I’m going today to get more colored penciled and a pack of fine point pens to test out.

                I would love some advice!

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  1. I have so many empty journals that I used one of them! 😂 However, I recommend Stabilo fineline pens and I created a contents page too – it helps me keep much better track of what and where things are. I’d also recommend putting a key at the front of your journal so you can have a reminder of which symbol means what. Hope that helps!

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  2. My girlfriend is bought a really thick paper one from a craft store it’s supposed to be for water color ink so the ink won’t run through! Pinterest have tons of awesome ideas for pages like a book shelf where you write your favorite books s you want to read and fun stuff like that!

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