Book Review: Leaving Home & other short stories

Author: Jodi Picoult
Publisher: Laura Gross Literary Agency
Rating: 3.5/5

Faded Fall

So, if you read my post Audiobooks you will know that earlier this week I discovered and have found a love of audiobooks! This is the first audiobook I haven’t listened to so I went for a book with 3 short stories, and boy am I glad I did! It allowed me to get into audiobooks whilst allowing me to fiddle around with the app a little

Faded Fall (2)

#1 Weights and Measures

The first story deals with a couple’s tragic loss of their seven year old daughter and the daily struggles they face whilst they continue to live without her.

#2 As He Leave or College

This second story/piece is actually a letter Jodi wrote to her son as he leaves for college. I thought it was a heart-warming letter. As they are driving him to school, she’s going over things in her head and feeling like there’s so many things she’s forgotten to tell him.

#3 Ritz

This one is about a mom who is taking a vacation from her family and she effectively ran away. When Jenna and her brother Devon wake on what seems like a regular morning, they find a note in the fridge that says “I’m taking a break, don’t worry about me”.  The story is from Jenna’s point of view. They go over the list of ways they have taken advantage of her, realizing how hard she worked to make sure they were taken care of. When she calls to let them know she is ok and not to worry they demand to know where she is but all she will tell them is that she’s on vacation. Stunned the family decides they will survive just fine while she’s away.

Faded Fall (3)

#1 Weights and Measures

I found this story upsetting as it broke my heart, a parent should not outlive their child.

#2 As He Leave or College

My favorite quote “I have always LOVED you, but I can very distinctly remember the moment I realized how much I LIKED you as well – not just as my child, but also as a fellow human.”

#3 Ritz

There are many overworked and underappreciated mothers (or any other care-giver for that matter). Sometimes people may need a little reminder of how lucky they are to have someone to take such good care of them.

Have you ever listened to audiobooks? What did you think to this format? 

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