Walking in a Winter Wonderland

So I have finally got around to posting about the snowy, English weather.

Over the festive season, we had numerous snow days (and even got a day off work, YAY!). Now I know that MOST people hate the snow and it inconvenience butI LOVE it!

I love the cold, crisp mornings.
I love the white, blank canvas that covers the landscape.
I love the fun we have.
I love playing in the snow like a child.
I love wrapping up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate and reading books all day.
I love spending snow days with my better half and our dogs.


We had a lovely time walking in the snow, building a snowman, walking the dogs, having a snowball fight and making snow angles. The dogs always love it too 🙂

What did you think to the snowy December? Is is a fun winter wonderland or a hindrance?

Happy blogging x

Thanks x

8 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    1. Oh no! We had it on a couple of separate occasions and enjoyed it each time! I love the magic and force of mother nature. What do you think? Love all mother nature has to offer or hate her extremes? Thanks for stopping by!

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