Ok, so I know I’m late to the party here but with the help of  Ashley Rae @ Thrifty Bibliophile (you should really check out her blog as she writes the most incredible reviews!) I have discovered a real love of audiobooks!

Now if you’re like me you’ll be thinking it sounds like the perfect idea, you can listen to lovely literature whilst traveling/commuting but they are just SO expensive!

I tried many apps, free trials…. but as soon as the trials ended the prices went through the roof and it just wasn’t worth it – as I do still prefer to read proper, printed books. Now, with the help of my fellow blogger, I am able to get audiobooks for free! No tricks, no trials, NOTHING! It was such an obvious answer and I kicked myself for not ralising it sooner.

Local library‘s offer this service as part of there ever growing service. So first thing this morning (my final day of freedom before work resumes, boo!) I popped down to my local library as I had no idea what my PIN was. Whilst I was there I took out a few new printed books which leaves me with being about to download 8 audiobooks. No cost, No late fees just a bit of patience whilst I wait for the titles that are at the top of my TBR list to become available.  In the mean time, I have downloaded a few short stories and I can already see my journey to work being revolutionized. 

How it works

You download an app straight to your phone called  BorrowBox.  I’ll be honest I have some Reservations about how user friendly this app was going to be but from here you can manage your library account and reserve/download/return eaudiobooks. It also allows you to read ebooks – a service I might use occasionally but I much prefer turning the pages myself 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions about using audiobooks then message me below 🙂 

Thanks x (1)

10 thoughts on “Audiobooks

  1. I just discovered audiobooks and listened to my first one ever (on BBC radio). Unfortunately libraries here (in Belgium) don’t have English audiobooks (they just discovered ereaders and give you an ereader with 10 books in a genre on it, that’s it). I don’t know if your library is open for non-residents? I think my best bet would be to subscribe to a library abroad and I’ve looked into it but it’s difficult to know which one is best and has the largest audio collection (and shortest waiting list) ;-). I also see lots of libraries work with Overdrive btw.

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    1. That’s a great way of listening to audiobooks, i would never have thought of it myself 🙂
      You could register with a library abroad I’m sure, you just might have to have an address in that county/area?
      Yes I’ve heard overdrive works well too. It has a choice but I don’t think I’ve unlocked its potential yet. Let me know if you are able to figure something out 🙂 i would also be happy to help in any way!

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