It’s that time of year again. Time to re-evaluate and make some resolutions. Again, my resolutions aren’t what about what I’m going to give up but about things I’m going to change/improve. So here is goes:

  • I MUST eat healthily.
  • I will be active at least twice a week. Gym. Classes. Running. Walking. Swimming. Cycling.
  • I will read 2 books a month. This is something I tried last year and I started off so, so well but then by September it all tailed off!
  • I will post at least 3 new posts a month.
  • I will take up bullet journaling.

2018 is all about improving my mental health and taking some time just for me. Much easier said than done!

Happy new year 🎉

– Hannah

7 thoughts on “2018

  1. What is bullet journaling? Good list though. Something for the mind and body

    Just an fyi, your wordpress reader is set to the wrong website. If you give someone a like and they click on your like icon, it takes them to
    https://hwalker.wordpress.com/ which says sorry not found
    you might change it to this website or another one that you have

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    1. It’s where you keep a journal, list, ideas, calendar, whatever you like really but you do it in blank, dotted, or square pages. I think I’m going to like it because it’s creative and allows you to organise your thoughts and goals.

      Thanks for the heads up, i will have to look into that as that shouldn’t be happening!

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