Book Review: Small Steps

Author: Louis Sachar

Publisher: Bloomsbury 2007

Rating: 4/5

I brought this book due to it being written by Louis Sachar. I read his icon book holes whilst at school and really enjoyed his perception of American fiction. I decided to read it now as it is on my Top Ten Tuesday: Back to School post.

Upon returning to Austin, Armpit set five goals for himself. Five small steps.

1. Graduate High School.

2. Get a job.

3. Save his money.

4. Avoid situations that might turn violent. And…

5. Lose the name Armpit.

In this wonderful, funny deeply satisfying novel by master storyteller Louis Sachar, Armpit finds all his small steps becoming much bigger than he had anticipated. When he gets mixed up with his old find X-ray in a ticket scam, things look set to unravel. But this is only the beginning of Armpit’s troubles in a brilliant, fast-paced adventure story.

Armpit has just returned from Green Lake juvenile facility where he had to dig holes in the dried up river bed as a he was involved in a fight at a cinema. Throughout the summer he has enrolled in high school classes and has a job digging holes for a landscaping company. A famous singer ends up performing in his hometown of Austin and Armpit ends up getting involved in ticket scouting. He becomes friends with the singer and then ends up becoming involved in her attempted murder. But why/how?

This has been the easiest read so far this year. I read it in two sittings but could have easily read it in one if I didn’t have plans. It was different to the books I have read recently. It was thought provoking, uplifting, upsetting and full of humour throughout. Louis Sachar appeals to all ages!

Small steps, Hand in hand we’ll walk together, And maybe we’ll discover A clue along the way. . .”

Would you be interested to read a book by an author you read as part of your GCSE English exams?

– happy reading x

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