EEKKK! So the time finally arrived when the hen do for one of my best friends finally happened. We had spent such a long time planning it to try and make it perfect that on the Friday night when we were travelling I felt very nervous! Fortunately, it went brilliantly.

We stayed in an apartment in Manchester that was big enough to accommodate the entire hen party.

Friday evening

We arrived at the apartment and decorated it so it looked like a real hen party pad. We had lots of lovely decorations, games, cakes, props, champagne, chocolates/food and spa bags for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening.

The picture shows the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids 🙂


We had a pretty early start and took a cab into town (it worked out at a £1 each, each way) and had a mooch around the shops and got a few new bits. At lunch time, we walked to the Liars Club where we had an amazing cocktail making masterclass where we has lots of shots and we made lots of delicious cocktails. Honestly, I think we had maybe one too many haha!


After this, we went back to the apartment and played lots of hen do games including; pin the junk on the hunk and who knows the bride best. Then we got ready to go out and ate more cake!

At around 6pm, we went out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe – which was pretty good and they even gave us some freebies, yay! Then we went to Tiger Tiger which is a club next door and went upstairs and into the Dream Boys. This was a real good laugh and not as embarrassing as some of us thought it might be lol. Once this had finished, we went and had a good dance, listened to a sax player in a club and danced with flashing props all night Fun, fun, fun!



After a lovely lie in, we went into Manchester again for a little bit of shopping, had a tasty lunch, walked by the canal and then went and played Junk Yard Golf. Junk Yard Golf was great fun! We had such a laugh and it was brilliant inside – I would highly recommend it.

Have you ever been to Manchester? Is there anything else that you would recommend the next time I visit?

– Hannah x


7 thoughts on “Manchester

      1. If i were to list them – i’d be on here all day 🙂 The High end restaurants are great – but pricey. If you are paying over a fiver for soup – get outta there (unless its wanton soup – there’s a reason that costs more). I’d recommend anywhere on the Portland / Faulkner St end of chinatown – the international and china city buffet do good food and excellent surroundings. if you want to look further afield Red Hot Buffet by the Arndale is a good bet. There are Five star service restaurants too – just be prepared for five star prices.

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