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So since I began this blog I thought I would write about our trip to Egypt. It is a country full of amazing history, one of the seven wonders of the world and lots of sand! Everything we saw was amazing although we did have an unfortunate event that happened on this trip which meant we didn’t get to get out and about as much as we had hoped.

What do you think to Egypt? 
What did you think about the pyramids? Were you a little shocked about the location like me? 
What advice would you offer to anyone travelling to Egypt?


2 thoughts on “Egypt

  1. I have always wanted to go to Egypt especially because of the pyramids. I am also intrigued by the culture. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. Was that in Cairo or where did you go to?

    Glad that you enjoyed the trip though I am sorry to hear that something happened to keep you from exploring more.

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    1. Thanks! We stayed mainly in a place called Hurghada, which was beautiful, but went to Cairo and Luxor too 👍 If you ever go and go out and about I suggest that you take your own toilet paper with you as there were people charging for it at public (and some private) toilets.
      – Hannah


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