Scrabble Frame

So my Mum recently had her birthday and I spent hours trawling the Internet looking for a present/gift idea. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to by but I did find a gift I thought I could make for her (see picture below).

I really like how it turned out and t was loved by all who saw it so I might begin making some of these as gifts for family/friends and I’m sure pictures of these will pop up on my blog.


You will need:

– a box frame,
– good quality paper with a design your recipient will like,
– scrabble pieces,
– 3D Foam Squares,
– scissors,
– ruler,
– pencil,
– rubber.


1. Firstly, take the back out of the photo frame and draw around it carefully with the pencil – this is going to be the background.
2. Secondly, create lots of different combinations of word art and pick the one that you think looks the most pleasing – I like to try as many as possible but tend to decided on one that is spaced out carefully and looks ‘balanced’.
3. After this I use a ruler to draw a few central lines very lightly on the front of the card so that I can ensure that the words are central and straight.
4. Carefully stick the 3D foam square onto the back of the scrabble pieces (I keep the paper on one side as I like to put all of the foam squares on first) and stick them carefully onto the card.
5. You can add other decorations to your frame if you would like to.
6. Put the card into the frame and then put the back onto the frame and admire your work.
7. Optional, write a message on the back of the frame.

An easy, but effective craft, that can be altered for a range of gifts to a range of recipients.

If you have a go at making a frame then add a picture of your work of art in the comment section.

Have you ever made a craft/DIY gift? If so, what was it and was it greatly received?

12 thoughts on “Scrabble Frame

    1. YAY! That’s exactly what I wanted to do, give people a project idea 🙂 if you have any questions please ask and then post a picture on here so that I can see your amazing results!


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