DIY Pallet Herb Garden

I love Pintrest! I spend hours creating boards, browsing and then pinning – I’m sure it’s how I make most decisions. I need a new project – Pintrest. I’m struggling to think of a birthday present – Pintrest. I don’t know what to have for dinner – Pintrest.

Since we moved into our home, I have wanted to grow some fresh herbs in the garden in some kind of planter, so naturally I jumped on Pintrest. There was so many ideas but I decided that due to space and sunlight that vertical pallet herb garden would suit me best, plus they look adorable.

Firstly, I had to get my hands on a pallet. I asked around friends/family members and soon had one on my hands.

Now, I’m not normally the one left holding a saw and hammer but I went for it. I began by tearing off every other piece of wood and putting it to the side as I will use it later on.


Then I hammered these onto the reverse so that there was a piece of wood on each side with a gap between them – as demonstrated in the picture below. By this point I was beginning to feel more confident!


The next part was where it got a little bit tricky for a novice like myself! I used a trusty pencil to mark out two trapeziums onto the spare piece of wood that was left over as I thought it would help to make a stable base/stand. Once I had drawn onto the wood, I had to saw, sand and attach it to the base of the planter (as you can see in the photo above). Then I sanded the whole thing as I didn’t want to get splinters when I finally got to plant my herbs.

Then I nailed mesh/garden carpet between the two pieces of wood to make a hammock and after this I painted the herb garden. I decided to paint mine in the same blue as our gates.

Then I filled the ‘hammocks’ with compost and planted some herb plug plants that I purchased at my local garden centre.

My final stage was to attach some slate labels and decorate with chalk 🙂


What do you think to my herb garden?
Would it fit in your garden?
Would you like to create a summer craft and what would it be?

– happy planting!

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