Book Review: No Place To Hide

Author: Susan Lewis

Publisher: Cornerstone 2015

Rating: 3.8/5

Previously I have read Too Close To Home and Behind Closed Doors and enjoyed both of them.

No Place to Hide is a powerful, emotional, and stunning novel.

Justine has moved from England to Culver, Indiana, a place where her grandmother once owned a lake house. Justine remembers spending summers here as a child and is positive her deceased grandmother is compelling her to live in Indiana instead of settling down somewhere else. Justine has been forced to begin her life over again with her three year old daughter, leaving her husband behind. She’s changed her name, keeps her past a secret, confides in no one, not even her current best friend. She’s constantly worried about the press, about someone finding out who she really is, she’s jumpy, emotional, and seems very fragile.

But, why is Justine hiding? What is she running from? Why is she starting over and leaving behind a husband she obviously loves and misses dearly?

All we know is that Justine and Matt agreed that living separate lives was the only way their three year old daughter could have a normal life and that whatever has driven them to this unorthodox arrangement is something truly sinister. Via flashbacks, we learn that Matt and Justine had a pretty good life for a while. They had purchased their dream home, were surrounded by good friends, were both happy with their careers, and had three healthy children. But, as the past begins to merge with the present the shocking truth will leave you shaken to the core.

happy reading x


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