Daily Prompt: Prickle

As a teacher I believe that poetry is important for children, it really does allow them to feel a range of different emotions and let them play around with words in a way that no other genre allows. The poem below is displayed in our staff room so t was easier to pick a post to go alongside ‘prickle’ than I thought it’d be.

1297125What do you think about children’s poetry? Any poems you remember from your own childhood?

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Prickle

  1. I’m the sort who always needs the abstract explained to me – especially when it comes to poetry. However, even I found poetry a useful means of expression because I realized I could say what I felt without consequences if it was abstract enough.

    Poetry: the encryption of the artfully oppressed.

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  2. Sorry – it’s such a great way to express yourself and I’m glad you found it a useful way to say what you felt 🙂 everyone needs a release, it’s cathartic x


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