Book Review: Behind Closed Doors

Author – BA Paris

Publisher – HQ 2016

Rating – 4/5

I got hooked about halfway through this book and then I couldn’t put it down.

On the face of it they look like the perfect couple, a real power couple. Jack is handsome and a dedicated lawyer that has never lost a case defending battered women. His wife, Grace, is elegant and a brilliant housewife that supports her husband through everything. Her sister Millie has Down’s Syndrome but Grace is her guardian and they’re close, very close. She and Jack go to see Millie at her boarding school most weekends and she’ll soon be coming to live with them. You might wonder why Grace seems reserved arpund Jack and why she never goes anywhere alone. The answer is simple. Grace is a prisoner. More than a year after their marriage Grace is just about losing any hope of escape, but then comes the realisation of what Jack really wants. But how will she stop him?

“A smile is hiding my bitter disappointment”


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